Picture of Twig Bookshelf
Supplies : 4 or as many shelfs as you want, 1 by 10 boards : screws screw driver : screws :and lots of twigs!

Step 1: Frame

Picture of Frame
13, 4:41 PM.jpg
13, 4:41 PM.jpg
First you take your boards and your long sticks. Take them and screw drive them together as shown in my picture. You need 4 of those long sticks. They need to be strong enough though to hold all the weight. Now when you are screwing them on to the boards make sure you have a little bit at the end of the last board so it can stand on the floor.i also have a picture of that.
pfred22 years ago
Looks good. I think it might look nicer if you could countersink the screws and put plugs over them.
Perhaps you could cut a little of the bark off, screw your screws in good and deep, then glue the bark back over the screw head.
foobear1 year ago
really cool