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So before starting/
Found the idea for a twig candle holder here

Step 1: Tools

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Tools needed / used:
Hammer - hand clamp - some pliers - U nails - (extension) flat wood boring bit - iron wire - scrap wood - secateur
Good,but on the single candle,I suggest a shorter twig length so you can reduce the risk of fire.
The twigs are around a glass container. They were indeed a little long as they were leftovers from the other one.
Had it burned for several hours without any problems. I never let candles burn unattended, wich you never should do.
This looks really great for a first instructable. Thank you for sharing.
dieter demeyere (author) 2 years ago
First instructable, please rate and comment.

Great job with your instructable - it looks really cool and rustic. Hope you post some more instructables!
dieter demeyere (author)  HollyMann2 years ago
I'll try to. thx!