Picture of Twig Candle holder
So before starting/
Found the idea for a twig candle holder here

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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
Tools needed / used:
Hammer - hand clamp - some pliers - U nails - (extension) flat wood boring bit - iron wire - scrap wood - secateur

Step 2: Start to cut

Picture of Start to cut
Get the secateur and find some twigs. I used only twigs wich were allready cut off.
Twigs are about 6mm to 10mm in diameter.
Once you have a lot of twigs, start cutting them about the same size (depending on the height you want).

Step 3: Connecting the twigs

Picture of Connecting the twigs
Once you have enough (calculate roughly) you can start by attaching them togheter.
Take a long length of iron wire about three times the circumference of the base.
Fold it in half and start by twisting it around the first twig.

* Between the first and second twig I did about 2 or 3 twists. Will be clear later on.

Make sure you have about the same distance above and at the bottom. Also calculate a little bit what the middle of your base is, so attaching later on will be easier.
Continue by adding twigs and twisting the wire. I always did one firm twist. I tried with just crossing the wire, but found out that one twist was better
It works best when you do both sides about the same time.
This is where the hand clamp and scrap wood come in handy.

Step 4: Let's twist again!

Picture of Let's twist again!
Once your halfway or further on, it's nice to check the length together with the base.
Keep adding twigs and keep twisting.
Also keep in mind to align 1 side of the twigs. So later they will fit nicely according to the bottom.
Once your halfway or further on, it's nice to check the length together with the base.
Good,but on the single candle,I suggest a shorter twig length so you can reduce the risk of fire.
The twigs are around a glass container. They were indeed a little long as they were leftovers from the other one.
Had it burned for several hours without any problems. I never let candles burn unattended, wich you never should do.
This looks really great for a first instructable. Thank you for sharing.
dieter demeyere (author) 2 years ago
First instructable, please rate and comment.

Great job with your instructable - it looks really cool and rustic. Hope you post some more instructables!
dieter demeyere (author)  HollyMann2 years ago
I'll try to. thx!