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First you want to open a new document in SolidWorks.

Step 1:

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Now you want to double click PART.

Step 2:

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Now that you're in SolidWorks you want to click on front view.

Step 3:

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If you're not already in sketch mode press the sketch button in the upper left hand corner. After that you want to press the line button.

Step 4:

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You will want to draw a line.

Step 5:

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Make sure that all of the lines are the same length and would seem the measurements of a twig.

Step 6:

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Now add a line for where you want the curve of your twig to go.

Step 7:

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Now connect and proceed.

Step 8:

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You will want to press on the 3D-arc to enhance the curve.

Step 9:

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Once you've pressed the 3D-arc button you will want to make a curve at the tip.

Step 10:

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Now press 3D-arc again so that you can make a slight curve on the bottom.

Step 11:

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Adjust the curve that you would like.

Step 12:

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Now that you have everything to your needs, you will want to extrude. So press the extrude button.

Step 13:

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Make sure that you don't make the twig to thick... because no one likes a thick twig.

Step 14:

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This is what my twig looks like.

Step 15:

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End result.


tomatoskins (author)2015-04-15

I love Solidworks!

EvolvedAwesome (author)2015-04-15


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