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Introduction: Twilight Photo

I wanted to recreate the twilight photo but I only had myself to pose for i got to work. I'll post the video process of me making it in photoshop below so you can see the full process from start to finish. I started out with a photo of me in my garage and started editing it as I saw fit. I know it's not an exact copy, but it's what I came up with. I had fun with it. :)


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You can pick and download any of the pictures in this album.
It would be so amazing to have a twilightized picture!!! :D
Have you ever thought about a tutorial on this kind of photoshop? ;)

I am in love with TWILIGHT. Would you consider doing some else cause I would love one? That photo you did is so amazing!

Oh my god that is zo awesome!!! Could you do that to my picture? I recently had a photoshoot and those pictures would be perfect for this. Thank you for uploading xx

Thanks...sorry about the delay, I wasn't able to reply right away, then got busy doing stuff. lol....I don't have a whole lot of free time right now because of the show I'm working on, but after July, I'll have some more down time. What image did you have in mind?

So awesome! Do u do others?

I do a lot of different styles of photography, but this is the only "twilight" one that I did. :)

Thank you! :) Glad you liked it.