We love My Little Pony!

Last year my daughter was Pinkie Pie in the Grand Galloping Gala Dress.

This year we went with the Equestria Girls
Twilight Sparkle in the Fall Formal Gown!

If you haven't watched Equestria Girls...it's pretty cute.  It sure makes dressing up like the ponies easier...
since they are momentarily in human form.

We found this pink sparkly tube dress and the lavender under shirt at Goodwill.
The black boots we found at a yard sale.

Step 1: Wings!

Here's how we did the wings:
We used fun foam.  Hobby Lobby has big sheets of foam...for 89 cents.
We used the equivalent to 5 sheets...and this is adult size.
You'll also need some hot glue, craft sticks, eyelets/setter, and elastic.

Cut a wing shape  the size of one sheet of paper...8 1/2 by 11"
Hot glue on a craft stick.  This will give the wings structure and strength.

Then add a contrasting color of foam in a puffy shape.
Turn the wing over and hot glue on 3 craft sticks.
Lay it on top of the large sheet of foam and cut out a
similar shape using all the foam possible!

Do this for both wings...one the mirrored image of the other.
Then, sadly, I skimped on the pictures...
hot glue craft sticks across the center of the 2 wings.
Cover with more fun foam.
Use an eyelet setter and make 4 eyelets about 6 inches apart.
Add another smaller foam wing on the backside too.

Thread elastic through the eyelets, and tie them off...
just measure on your model for this part.

We did one for Twilight Sparkle or other Princess pony wings...
The blue wings we made for a smaller girl, the Rainbow Dash wings!
Same technique!
Okay i love this??? and I'm going to make this for my daughters party.... In going to take pictures i hope it comes out like yours! Lol
<p>I absolutley love her costume! Such an unique idea!Thank you for posting this! I have been endlessly searching the internet for a good pair of MLP wings for my daughters Derpy costume. These will look awesome and with minimal time and effort. </p>
<p>Thank you so much! That's awesome...I've got a set of Derpy wings I'm working on right now too! :) let me know if you have any questions! </p>
She is SO cute! The costume is adorable and her hair looks awesome too!
Also great costume idea. :) <br> <br>But there's this disturbing thing about horse and human hybrid. Its just that it reminds me of a school yard insult and calling ones fellow girl a horse face.

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