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Picnik collage vamp.jpg
This instructable will show you how to turn yourself, your friends, or some random model into a supernatural, yet slightly glamourous, creature. For a Werewolf use yellow instead of red for the eyes!

You will need:

Picnik photo editor (it's free online)

A nice clear headshot

about a half hour free time

Step 1: Upload photo

Picture of Upload photo
Upload your photo into Picnik. You might want to resize it if it's a really large file.
Once uploaded, go to Basic Edits on menu bar.
Choose Exposure from the Basic Edits menu.

Move up the Contrast to 32.

Move up the Exposure to 9.

maths.bugal11 months ago

whaaaa thank you very much..i was just enjoying trying things like this...really had fun thanks

adikman242 years ago
Wow! Vampire! \m/