While running some lighting experiments I stumbled upon the glow lamp effect.

I am intending on applying some pretty to the base and presenting it as a gift.

You will be working with a deep vacuum in glass, high voltage and compressed argon gas, be sure to play safe. Use all appropriate safety precautions.

Step 1: How It Began.

This experiment started out as a way to build a Nixie Tube. (I will show this in another instructable).

This led to extensive reading and research on the subject.

I built a small vacuum chamber out of an old jam jar and some ABS plastic. (I will show this in this instructable)

I was playing with a cold cathode lights as a way to power the tube and the result was shown here.

The violet light is from the argon gas used. Neon (fire red light) is not available locally

how can you use a vacuum and argon at the same time ?? that's really weird?<br>+ where do you get a bottle of argon in the first place?
welding supply stores
That would make a cool Valentines Gift. - Great job :)
Thanks... that is what I was planning. <br><br>I will be posting another type of glow lamp in the near future...
Can't wait to see it. :D
Interesting! I look forward on how to build the Nixie tube....<br>I am curious, the argon, it looks to me like the type of cylinder you get for welding.... I was wondering if smaller cylinders exist... (I don't exactly have space to store a large cylinder, nor really anyway to transport it easily.....<br><br>Thank you, <br>and Happy Making!<br>~Electfire<br>
Yes there are smaller cylinders you can get of Argon. Contact a local welding supply company. <br>There are also small canisters for reserving wine. Here is a link to show you what they look like. Just not sure if they will be enough for this project.<br>http://www.beveragefactory.com/wine/preservation/winesaverpro/argon_gas_canister.shtml
Thanks for the info! <br>(Do people REALLY pay to use argon to preserve wine? Why not just drink it?)<br>
(Because argon is a gas and is difficult to drink? ;D )
^Ha ha, I was referring to drinking all the wine at once.... though I am not old enough (in the US) to drink so I don't know if drinking a whole bottle of wine would be a good thing to do.......
Nice application, looking forward to the nixie-tube.<br>I've had some luck in finding Cold Cathode Drivers in slightly older (90's) flatbed scanners.
would a CFL driver circuit work for this application?
Probably but it would be overkill in this application. A cold cathode driver is more appropriate, usually they give 200ma at 1500-2000v.

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