Twin Kitties





Introduction: Twin Kitties

They are twins. The yarns are mixture of silk and cotton which are perfect materials for newborn boy & girl twins' toy.



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They're really cute! I, too, would like a tutorial. But, for now, can you please tell me how you did the feet? I always had problems with that type of feet, the most of times I just sew them after doing the leg (i.e here: ), but I really prefer your way. Thank you!

I am in love with these two kitties - you did a wonderful job! Are these a creation of yours or is there a pattern you could direct me to? Can you also tell me where about the yarns you used - their weights. . . where could I  locate some? I've got to give this a try. thanks, :)

Hello RobinR,

These are my original so unfortunately no pattern available.

When I first started “amigurumi” which was around 4 year ago, Tomoko Takamori’s works inspired me a lot.
You can see a cute rabbit below. Maybe this was my inspiration of the girl kitty of mine :)

You can use any type of yarns; cotton, wool, acryl, ..etc. it really doesn’t matter. The important thing is you select the colour you like!
FYI, the following is the translated amigurmi book of Tomoko Takamori.

Hope this info helps :)

Hi ChrysN, thank u for posting a comment :)
Though I created these cat twins upon receiving a request from my friend, I still remember I felt like refusing to pass them coz I also like them soooo much! :D