Twin Raspberry Pi B+ Rack "Case"





Introduction: Twin Raspberry Pi B+ Rack "Case"

So I have built and bought several Raspberry Pi cases.

Before I could get a RasPi I owned several high quality paper cases.

Once it came out I graduated to cardboard, leather, Legos, and purchased cases.

I would buy a Pi and create or buy a new case.

I just received the new RasPi Model B+ so I started a case search.

While searching I remembered I bought some nylon screws and nuts for the Pi camera, they were the wrong size(d'oh!!) so I threw them in the 'pile of stuff to use later'.

Well later came today as they are the perfect size for the new Rasberry Pi model B+

I present the Twin RasPi B+ Rack "Case"

("Case" Disclaimer - this is an open air style case like the Acrylic VESA TV mounts)

Step 1: Parts


Quantity of 2 - Raspberry Pi Model B+

Quantity of 4 - Nylon 6/6 Machine Screw, Plain Finish, Off-White, Pan Head, Slotted Drive, Meets ASTM D4066/ASTM D6779, 1-1/2" Length, Fully Threaded, #4-40 Threads (Pack of 100)

Quantity of 16 - Nylon 6/6 Small Pattern Machine Screw Hex Nut, Off-White, #4-40 Thread Size, 1/4" Width Across Flats, 7/64" Thick (Pack of 100)

Step 2: Building the "Case"

Add Nut to all 4 Screws and space evenly

Add Raspberry Pi #1

Add Nut to all 4 Screws, tighten

Add 2nd Nut and space above first RasPi so they don't touch

Add Raspberry Pi #2

Add Nut to all 4 Screws, tighten

Adjust and you are done.

Step 3: Completed

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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this looks really cool. I am very tech savy but I have not come accross a RasPi before what exactly is it used for or what can I do? Also nice little project!

The answer is Yes., heheh.
The Raspberry Pi has been used for so many projects in so many ways. It is a tiny linux computer so anything a computer can do the Pi can do.

They went over 3 million units in sales and the B Plus(symbol disappeared with Rich Text) is a great new revision of the B, more GPIO, more USB, better layout for installs, Composite Video is now on the 3.5 plug so stereo audio and composite video on one cable, and a micro SD card. Oh it also has much lower power usage.

I have built a web server, video looper, IR camera, TriPi Camera, Tetra Camera Pi, Media Center, played Minecraft, learned to SSH and FTP. Next step is more python with Minecraft and Wolfram Alpha stuff. I want to use GPIO to create a minecraft room where your interactions in the real world effect Minecraft and vice versa, one idea was a twitter and email billboard in Minecraft so you don't miss anything when you are playing ;).
My Pi Project list grows everyday as I read more and do more.

If I had more room I would have a BrewPi which would help make beer for my BeerPi Kegerator which would make sure Who drank the beer and How much, and MOST importantly let me know when we are running low on beer via email and text, yes lots of beer projects.
If you search Raspberry Pi Projects you will find list upon list of the best projects.
My personal favorite is here on instructables, and it is a 3D scanner

Hey RichShumaker,

I Just bought a few Rev B+ and noticed that my Videolooper doesnt work any more, do you have a working script you would share? Right now i just have to plug it in and the video starts looping through hdmi..

Any Advice?

Thanks a lot



Thanks for your quick reply.

Did the V2 work for you OOB or did you update it?


With the B+ I had to update on my B then move over to B+ as USB has changed and my mouse and keyboard kept failing. For V2 on B+ all was good when I installed onto B+ directly. I did not have V2 currently installed on my B so not sure if that would have had issues.

I was looking for an image looper as well but V2 was only a video looper. I remember seeing a mod for the looper but I remember the slide time was an issue.

What I really want on the Pi is a simple multimedia tool. Something that is easy to design with and then playback is smooth.

Hey thank you so much for the description. ive actually just ordered my B+ model for $35. I plan to learn a lot with it but im hoping to mainly use it to replace my monster PC that im ising to stream movies to my tv, would help save with lower energy cost and save space on my media center shelf that my 30Lb tower in killing at the moment. do you recommend a specific disto and movie player for mainly using it as a media steaming device?