Picture of Twin jet paper airplane
Long ago, before the internet was invented, we used to make these paper airplanes out of paper torn from our notebooks in class. It looks great and flies fast.

The video shows me making and flying the plane.

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Step 1: Dismember a magazine

Picture of Dismember a magazine
To keep the tradition alive, I shall build this plane out of scavenged paper - from a magazine.

The first step is to tear off (or cut) a rectangular piece of paper from suitable stock. I am illustrating the process with an old magazine I had lying around.

Step 2: Diagonal fold

Picture of Diagonal fold
Now fold the paper diagonally as shown in the picture. This forms one fold needed for the plane, and also to mark a square shape.

Step 3: Straight fold

Picture of Straight fold
Now fold the bottom part upwards. This puts a fold exactly where the rectangular piece of paper may be cut to make it into a square one.

The body of the plane is folded from this large square piece.

The smaller rectangular piece becomes the tail.

Step 4: Cut and separate the tail

Picture of Cut and separate the tail
Now open up both folds, and tear off or cut at that straight fold. You will end up with a large square piece, to make the body of the plane, and a smaller, rectangular piece, that makes the tail.

Step 5: Fold along the other diagonal

Picture of Fold along the other diagonal
Now fold the paper along the other diagonal and open it up again. You will have a square piece of paper with folds along the two diagonals.

Step 6: Turn paper over

Picture of Turn paper over
Turn the paper over, so that you are looking at the back of the folds you just made.

Step 7: Parallel fold

Picture of Parallel fold
Fold the paper in half, so that the three folds cross each other at the centre of the square. Open it up, again.
PoniesSwag2 years ago
Mine doesn't just flops to the ground. I made it exactly how i saw it in the video and it looks just like it.
1425367892 years ago
A4 size paper huh !!!!!!
The music in the video... it motivates me... :3
so...about the rec. i..just...stick it in
ClemensY2906 years ago
lol my stepdad taught me that one like 4 years ago, hes 53, he knows alot of the original paper airplane designs and this plane is a good one, at my school i threw it and it landed on the public library 5 blocks away( NOT A LIE) i have people who can vouch
...... i have never had a paper plane fly even close to that far..... and i have to ask you this.......sir......are you jesus!?
have u posted any??????????
i saw the same paper plane on different site! its under the titlw of worlds best paper plane! any wayz its a good out dooR!
buyuy5 years ago
 my dad makes a better air planes
taco3635 years ago
This plane is way to big for inside of a house...
Unless you r Bill Gates
my dad makes these =D
but my design (completely different) is better :P
Healice5 years ago
what the hell!
It is  newspaper ?
S RV5 years ago
You Rock man!Your plane is awesome and I got famous in my grade becauseof it.
unominame5 years ago
look cousins :D this plane and a variation of the swallow
catlover1015 years ago
i dont want to ruin the tradition but would it work with a sheet of line-d notebook paper?
catlover1015 years ago
i cant wait to try bluiding it cuz my friend makes oragamis and planes alot and i dont think he no's this 1 so im gonna brag for a while lol
The "magic" fold, for those inept in the arts (or non-paper airplane nerds), is called the squash fold.
how old are you neelandan?
neelandan (author)  bob the builder #17 years ago
Old enough.
neelandan (author) 7 years ago
Just received the prize (for max page views) today. T-shirt, Pilot's License and stickers.
i like the Harry Potter humour
legoman7 years ago
heehee! I like the video. How did you get your hands to be edited as invisible? What program did you use? [and the flying segment of the video, as well]
neelandan (author)  precious_sweetie_4u7 years ago
I have a post in the forum detailing the process of creating the video. Read it here:

The programs I used are listed here in my instructable:
Pumpkin$7 years ago
oh an by the way umm...precious_sweetie_4u he's using fishing line you can see it reflecting from the light
Pumpkin$7 years ago
put this on toss it!
Vid = lawl
iq_abyss7 years ago
What size paper, 8.5"x11" or something else?
neelandan (author)  iq_abyss7 years ago
I measured the magazine. It is 27 cm x 20 cm.
kobezbro7 years ago
cool! i make something like this and ill get a pic up of it
duck-lemon7 years ago
I need help on step 12 i'm confused
neelandan (author)  duck-lemon7 years ago
Maybe I'll put that bit in the video ...
Pretty cool. Did you have to scan each step to take a picture? I find that... very annoying and long. :P

Great job, might try it out.

You have to have a 30 second or less video of it in flight.
neelandan (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Yes, compared to a video of the process, scanning the steps is tedious. But I find that the best imaging device I have now is the scanner, and my best pictures come from the scanner. Perhaps I have yet to learn to use the digital camera effectively. I am working on the video, and hope to get it posted sometime before the deadline. Thanks for the encouragement.
dyii7 years ago
it works. even though it took me a bit of time to figure out the picture...
Braeburn7 years ago
kind of good....
cprocjr7 years ago
i built it and it worked very well.