Step 8:

The results: As you can see, the alternating LED patterns worked well in displaying the front words then back words, or both together. They can also dim slowly between the 2, flash etc. 
<p>I love how your mind works. Hopefully Chloe does too.</p>
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Nice Project :) I&Acirc;&acute;ll do this thancks
Many thanks!
Nice Project :) I&Acirc;&acute;ll do this thancks
wow , does it always works ???? and what kind of leds should i use ?
Well these are Christmas lights all on a long string basically, which is handy as you don't have to do any soldering/ wiring etc. The smaller the LEDs the better really.
well , i have another question , what dimensions did you use???
cool, that's awesome it can help me with my school project !
Very cool! And cheap i guess

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