Picture of Twin-Full-Queen-King Platform Bed With Danish Inspiration
This is my bed. I have always loved the look and feel of a platform bed. But they can be quite expensive. Here are some loose instructions on how to make a platform bed from some recycled materials and some solutions to the problems I ran into.

Step 1: Background

Picture of Background
Many of my ideas end up on napkins, index cards, scraps of paper and other items easily lost - like Ole Doc Methuselah and his gauntlet cuff filing system :P. I had an idea of a platform bed, but it ended up on a index card and was lost for a few years....

Enter Junior year of college. I needed a bed (I lived on campus freshmen and sophomore year and a bed was provided). Shopping around I found these to be quite expensive. Then I found a furniture store called Bo Concept. In Danish, Bo means life (or was that living?) and they had some beautiful pieces of furniture where modularity was the name of the game. I left the store with one of the catalogs but still bed less.

After seeing the platform beds in Bo (they only had platform beds), went home and searched for my sketches. I only found a a few of them but it was a starting point. I picked the components I liked from their different beds and made one of my own.

My father does furniture touch-up. While he does not do it much anymore, he used to completely rebuild all sorts of pieces. He offered to help as he is much more experienced than I am when it comes to furniture building - not to mention, we have very few projects to do together...

My inspiration below.... Mind you, I did walk into the store, whipped out the tape measure, and take a few measurements.... Yes, I got some odd looks from other patrons and employees :)
grannyjones8 months ago

A tape measure in a furniture store should never be alarming. Best way to eliminate returns. Sometimes they will lend you theirs.

codyg1023 years ago
Minor typo in 'King' bed dimensions, trebuchet03.

US Standard Queen: 76" X 80" <--- S/B "US Standard King", I think
Olympic King (wider): 82" X 80"
California King (Longer): 72" x 84"

Nice ideas, BTW. Got the wheels turning on building one myself.
INTHERMA5 years ago
The bed looks really great. The steps to made it, not so good. Sorry, I think your are missing something.
skorange6 years ago
Trebuchet, How did the PVC legs turn out? I'd love to see pictures of them finished.
trebuchet03 (author)  skorange6 years ago
Turned out great :p I'll grab some pictures for you later ;)
Yeah, that part has me confused as well.... I don't know any of the terms really. I really want to try and make a platform bed but think I should follow some directions!
trebuchet03 (author)  erinpatrice226 years ago
The rails are the vertical bits of the bed frame that surround the mattress.
Is the pine board the rail?
Ashbuhbee6 years ago
Do the rails overhang the platform? I don't see any drill marks along the outside of the rails, and the 3/4" plywood isn't visible; how are they attached to the adjacent rails? Are they bracketed in the corners, as well as along the sides? And if it overhangs the platform, how much, and is it bracketed underneath also?
Ashbuhbee6 years ago
What are you calling a rail? Is it the little strips adjacent to both the plywood AND the large boards, or is it just the larger boards that are rails? And if the large boards are rails, what are the small strips that line around the platform? (Looks great tho! :D )
What a beautiful bed! I am totally impressed - my compliments to you and your dad. Good for him for saving all that wood, most people would have just allowed it to be thrown away. I agree with the previous poster who said that your bed looks nicer than the ones you modeled it against. I like it much better, and your bed will be around for your grandchildren to treasure. I doubt that the store bed will be around after two or three moves.
JanxAngel7 years ago
This is great! I have a big futon mattress I put on the floor to sleep on, but it's too heavy to roll up every day. I was thinking about making something like this to put it on, giving me the benefits of making it look more respectable, allowing me to keep my mattress setup (best thing I found for my back EVER), and reclaiming the space underneath the bed. I'm moving in the summer, so I'll probably wait till after I move to build this, but having a starting point is going to be so helpful.
RATM8 years ago
Really nice job, looks much better than the ones you modeled it after. I wish I had that much skill.
imonsei8 years ago
Very nicely made :) can I come over and test it cause it looks very comfy :D
I'm from denmark. The word bo has a few meanings. Firstly Bo is a common name but obviously not the stores intention with the name. "at bo" = "to live"(in a place. "bo" = "houce/domicile". "et bo" = everything of value with a house eg. when you tally up the will of someone and figure out how much the house+land is worth. There are other meanings, but this should cover the meaning of the store. It's a lifestyle store targeting on themes of furniture to give a special apperance and style.
It's a good store if you have the money to pay for quality and style.