Twinkies Witches




Introduction: Twinkies Witches

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Another easy Halloween treat to make!

Step 1: Method

You will need:


Tootsie Rolls (and cookies, optional)

Food color, gel, black, orange, red

Lollipop sticks (optional)

Canned frosting

Scoop out a little canned frosting, and tint with black. Scoop some, and tint with orange, and some more for red.

Pipe with black frosting outlining as shown, to make the body/cloth

Then pipe orange frosting as hair, while red for lips

Pipe white for nose and some decoration for hands/cloth. Don't forget to pipe eyes with black frosting.

Pipe a dab on head area and shape tootsie roll (warmed for 10 seconds in micro) into witches hats (you can use tootsie and cookie, or just tootsie)

And she's ready :)

Step 2: Witches Pops!

You can insert lollipop sticks, skewers, or even ice cream sticks and make them witches pops

And here is a kitchen witch picture, conjuring a witch on a stick ;-)

Have fun~



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