Build own your lighting Christmas tree greeting card using shopping bags and gift tissue paper and write a message on the tree. So, you can put this tree card into a envelope and sent it as a greeting card for your family and friends. When you close velcro between layers of the tree, the tree lights up.

time to make : 1 hour ~ 1hour 30 min.

Tech D.I.Y. (http://techdiy.blogspot.com/) encourages mothers to learn about technology with their kids in ways that are simple and fun. The kits and instructions teach electronic crafts and have solid engineering lessons behind them.

Step 1: Christmas Tree : Materials

- four sheets of colored paper which are 10 inch x 8 inch
- sixteen sheets of tissue paper which are 10 inch x 8 inch
  • I cut a shopping bag and tissue paper to make these paper materials. You can reuse your shopping bags and the tissue paper as well.
- eight ultra bright LED(white, 3mm)
http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=531 (5mm$1.95)
You can use any regular 5mm LED as well.
- one 3v coin battery(CR2032, $0.75)
- sixteen thin white wires 10 inch long
- two sets of white Velcro which is 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch
- some tape
- a pair of scissors
- a needle nose plier(optional)
- a pencil
- a hot glue gun and glue sticks

one could use last years cards rather than green and red paper.it would make it a keepsake
isn't it ok to help with instructions and link to materials? I am ok with that, but I am new.
So.... this instructable is basically an ad for an etsy product? Is that allowed?
Actually, when I went to Maker Faire 2007 in Austin, TX, I asked about post this diy instruction to one of staff of Instructables.com because I was worrying about feedback like you think. He said already there are some instruction about the products such as Altoids iPOD Charger. I was not intended to sell the kit to make money. Why do I make the kit? I want to help to mothers and their daughters to participate more this project. But problem is even if they want to make it is not easy to find materials and order in online. (especially for LEDs and wires) Also, the don't want to buy whole wires. For the Christmas kit, the paper is almost $5. 8 ultra bright LEDs are $2~3. And Wires and Velcro are about $1. The kit price is for only materials. I didn't include designing, printing, and binding instruction fee. I'm also holding free workshop and user testing for mothers and daughters. So far, I provide 10 kits of Christmas Tree, 5 kits of Secret Tree, and 50 kits of Moonlit Flower in free for them. I think I provided all information to get materials to make the tree. So, if you want you don't need to buy the kit and prepare materials by yourself. :-)
I'm sure your heart is in the right place, but I come to this website to learn how to do things. Maybe if you had shown how to make this, and at the end put, you can also buy the kit ready to make, instead of just "you can buy this here" You've shown me nothing but an ad.

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