In this instructable we will show you how to make a ribbon necklace embedded with blinking LEDs. The LEDs are powered by a coin cell through conductive thread and it is controlled by a LilyTiny microcontroller board. Since the LilyTiny comes with pre-programmed LED blink patterns you need not do any coding at all! Plus the electronics involved is quite simple to implement. This is a simple and effective introduction into wearable electronics for beginners!

Step 1: Materials Required

1. Ribbons (colors of your choice)
2. LEDs (colors of your choice)
3. Needle
4. Sewing Thread
5. Conductive Thread
6. Scissors
7. Round nose plier
8. Beads
9. Transparent nail polish (Optional)
10. Lily Tiny
11. 3 V Coin Cell 
12. Lily-pad coin cell battery holder.
13. Transparent Cello-Tape.

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