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Introduction: Twinkling Twig Candle Holder

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With some simple, inexpensive supplies, you can create this sparkly candle holder

Step 1: Collect Your Twigs

I used twigs from my Forsythia bush. I like the little "buds" on the tips

Step 2: Trim Your Twigs

Trim them down to different sizes. Anywhere from 1" to 3".

Step 3: Brush Your Twigs With Glue or Mod Posge

Step 4: Glitter!

Sprinkle on your glitter and let dry

Step 5: Trim Your Paper Cup

Using a simple white cup, I trimmed off the bottom, leaving it about an 1" high

Step 6: Glue Your Twigs

Add glue to your cup and glue down your twigs. Let dry.

Step 7: Enjoy

Place your pillar candle in the center and enjoy the twinkle of your hand made candle holder. A battery operated candle would work nicely.



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    Wow, it looks gorgeous! I was wondering how you made it because the white cup is almost invisible!

    1 reply

    Thanks Muhaiminah. Yes, the cup kind of disappears!

    Beautiful! I love the more natural looking decorations and this one is simply done with lots of impact! Nicely done!