This little ‘Add-on’ board allows you to 'Twist' an existing Arduino Shield 90 degree from its original footprint

Step 1: The Problem...

Have you ever finished a project and then realized you stopped one step too soon?
While plugging in various shields I have into the ‘Wing Tip Extensions’ I built I noticed an odd thing…display shields needed to be rotated 90 degrees to be of any real use…case in point the Adafruit RGB Display Shield shown, it works just fine but it’s orientation doesn’t work.  
Back to the drawing board…or this case Eagle Cad.
Hey I've got a question about your vias; do you have any trouble maintaining connectivity or does the solder you put in there fill it up enough to make it a non-issue?
Yes and no to your question. I don't rely on just solder. I use wires that solder to both sides of the board. Seem to be a stable enough solution for it is still working. ;)
I see you also use the dremel drill stand, so I will share a tip. <br>Place a white led under the center hole so it shines up on the pcb. <br>This will let you see the alingment of the hole to drill tip and get it centered easier. <br>Light from under the pcb seems to be better for my old eyes to focus on. <br>Nice project btw..
I'm pretty sure that's only 45 degrees. Just sayin.
Agreed the 'wing tips' are only 45 degrees. And for this display shield to be oriented correctly I needed the 'Twist Shield' to rotate it 90 degrees...Just sayin that is what this post is about.
Great Idea!

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