Picture of Twisted Bandeau Bikini Top

This self-lined bandeau bikini is super simple to make. It's only made of 4 rectangles and doesn't use very much fabric. I was able to make it with 1/4 meter each color. This bandeau could easily cost less than $10, or maybe even free if you have some scrap fabric laying around!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Picture of Gather Your Supplies
  • bathing suit material or jersey
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • pins
  • matching thread
  • sewing machine
ASHLIKESPIE3 hours ago

wow! Nice work

looks amazing!!!!!!

ChrisC601 month ago

Worked out very well, thanks! Ended up sewing the back together instead of having a tie.

pheenix424 months ago

This is seriously pretty!

thank u so much ^^

Cbear041 year ago

Cool design wish i could make that but not that good with fabric

Cool design.

One possible change, shorten the ties in the back. It looks a bit large for your bodysize, unless perhaps your goal is to stand out a bit with the unique style. Also, if swimming it may be a bit of a drag despite being swim suit material. If playing Volleyball the longer ties may get in the way...

smori (author)  PetrichorXFi1 year ago

That's a good point. I liked the look of the over-sized bow, but the ties could always be shortened later.

If the longer ties are more "you" or "your style", then let them be. I was mostly being a dude and thinking of functiom over form :-p

I do like thay the ties arw not like a ribbon, bowtie, or shoelace... you're a person after all, not some Christmas/Birthday gift.

rbergins1 year ago

Very creative and simple.

smori (author)  rbergins1 year ago


smori (author)  rbergins1 year ago


So simple and so well done! I can't wait to make some of these!

smori (author)  Ruth in Craftsville1 year ago

Thank you! :)

toriosum1 year ago
I love the colors
smori (author)  toriosum1 year ago


wilgubeast1 year ago

That is fantastic. Well-documented, reproducible, inexpensive, and cute. Not necessarily in that order.

smori (author)  wilgubeast1 year ago

Thank you so much!

Cute & I like the colors

smori (author)  ShaStokes781 year ago

Thanks :)

wold6301 year ago

So cute!

smori (author)  wold6301 year ago