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Introduction: Twisted Ham and Cheese Melt

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What are you doing? Making lunch. No you have the camera, you're making another "INSTRUCTABLE" aren't you ! Yep...guilty = )

 This ham and cheese melt is pretty simple but it does have some unusual twists

Step 1: From the Refrigerator

I had about a pound chunk of ham I needed to use up so I used a box grater and grated it up to use in mac and cheese but I still had some left over so.

 1/4lb? of grated baked ham
 shredded/grated cheddar cheese
 salsa ( I used my home made )
 Tortillas , I like the flour ones but its YOUR sandwich, use what you like

  Toaster oven or conventional oven

Step 2: The Build

Lay out a tortilla and spread on some salsa, how much of course depends on your tastes.
lay down a bed of cheese or ham  and then ham or cheese
 Hopefully you didn't put to much stuff on the tortilla because now you have to roll it up

Step 3: Cook It Up

it's called a melt because..well.. the cheese is MELTED !  You could use a paninni press, a george foreman type of sandwich grill, a frying pan or a conventional oven. I'm using a convection toaster oven I found set on 350f for about 10 minutes

Step 4: Time to Eat

I had some potato salad left over from a recent family gathering, this one used boiled potatoes but here's an easier version  of course baked beans or potato chips would work just as well as a side or no side at all. Cut the rollups or not as you see fit, I just thought it would make a better picture



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    Plates need to be washed and that takes time away from "instructables"

    Bit of a contradiction?
    I.e. don't buy pre-prepared food do the prep' yourself, but do buy pre-prepared plates and don't wash-up. I don't like washing up but I make myself do it, because I won't consume disposable-plates when I've got ceramics.

    Looks tasty, gives me some good ideas - ah,  now that it's not freezing the pub has stopped lighting the fire/stove, so I might have to wait...


    I use a lot of pre-prepared foods in my cooking, I've even used fast foods in some recipes ! Paper or real plates really depends more on what I'm eating, if I had juicy baked beans instead of the potato salad we wouldn't be discussing this...
    You could always wrap the "sandwich" in aluminum foil and place on the car engine or.. heck... its a ham and cheese "sandwich" eat it cold and unmelted !

    Have you ever had Thai sweet-chilli-sauce on buttered-toast?
    We were reminiscing about that earlier...


    No but, I have had, jalapeno jelly on toast

    This looks good and I like the concept! Thanks for sharing! I still need to make your salsa!

    4 replies

    Thank you Sunshiine ! As a concept it's really fairly simple and even easier to execute but I think about those who are intimidated in the kitchen and I know a lot of those in real life . I probably make up the salsa/condiment every week or so because I literally use it every day, of course everytime I make it, it's a little different but that just keeps it interesting to the palate. Thank you for commenting once again.

    I can relate to your comment! I think time plays a factor in cooking also. Have a super day!

    time, finances, experience, planning, all play a part in the kitchen and even more so in these troubled times.. Instructables serves another totally selfish purpose for me, it's easy to share recipes and techniques with family and friends when they ask about my taco salad or cornbread cake or whatever

    That just about sums up the truth! I agree!

    This looks 5 Star delicious!!!

    Unfortunately, the ratings system isn't functioning. ;-/

    5 replies

    5 star? OH NO ! I thought it looked like real people food ! lol.. thank you. I don't pay much attention to ratings but comments are ALWAYS appreciated !

    Real food can be 5 Star!!!                                                                                                                   The rating system is now available. lol... unfortunately, I had to ding you 1/2 Star because the fork in the Intro Picture is dirty... with what appears to be... potatoes... GASP! I'd still eat that! ;-P~

    yea... no 5star eatery here, I ate with the same fork I dished it out with, its greener, less dishes to wash ! So I should actually get an EXTRA star 4 being green ! LOL,,,, My sister and nephew are both trained chefs, I tease them unmercifully like as follows...
    local 5star over looking the river, 2" crabcake with "imported" dungeness crab nestled on a bed of spring greens, 3 robin egg sized potato balls lightly browned in olive oil and sprinkled with parsley, a parmesan cheese crisp and an artistic swrill of sauce on the plate. $65.00 but you are paying for the AMBIANCE! Yea yea... AMBIANCE THIS ! Bubbas Fish&BBQ Shack, Spaghetti served nightly, woman drink free on fridays, 2" THICK blue crab crabcake over filling a hard round roll, smothered in "special" sauce, huge mound of crispy deep fried steak fries, served on brown butchers paper at a wooden picnic table overlooking the Intracoastal waterway $15.00.... did I mention the "bottomless" pitcher on wednesday nights?
    I do appreciate the intention though = ) ;-D