Twisted Sunflowers





Introduction: Twisted Sunflowers

You know those MONSTER 8 foot tall sunflowers we all loved as kids? well I found a way to grow them in portable containers, still get the seeds, and they only grow about 1-1/2 feet tall (and are spirals). I got this idea from seeing those spiral bamboo shoots that are so popular in stores these days.
here is how you do it.

Step 1: Start Out Your Sunflower

The seeds I used were called the "Russian Giant Sunflower" first plant them and wait until the 3rd set of leaves grow, but the stem is still somewhat bendable.

Step 2: Start the Bend

Transfer the young sunflower into a large pot, and put a sturdy pole right beside it. Then gradually (every 2-3 days) use twine to coax the seedling into wrapping around the pole. This has to be done very gently. Also turn the top of the sunflower toward the light source to help it keep its form.

Step 3:

In no time, you will have dwarfed sunflowers in this funky shape! great for giving as presents! and much more interesting than the every day sort giant sunflower!



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    Awesome idea. I have to try this.

    in the picture on step 3 why is the whole bottom part of the plant free from leaves?

    Would never have thought of this, but can't wait to try it. A much more practical height too, and really sophisticated. Sunflower seeds are available in some lovely varieties, may be good to try a few, (can always grow some spares for gifts or charity fundraising. )

    I will have to give this a shot, I love mammoth sunflowers but a single flower is a bit awkward to have especially at an apartment so this may be a great solution to that!

    pretty awesome! ive planted some sunflowers and im so doing this!

    Oh yeah, seems like they'd be sturdier in high winds too. My sunflowers got the crap beat out of them last year in a bad t-storm.

    Those look great, much nicer then the giant ones cool idea!