Scarves can be pretty handy, from lassoing culprits or clothes-lining villains, to even keeping your neck warm.

Have some old, incredibly comfy shirts lying around? You never have to say goodbye to those great memories (and possibly stains) by retiring them if you make them into something else!

I was going to make a normal ol' double-sided tube scarf, then wanted to try something a bit more interesting. After some plotting, a pretty comfy twisted scarf was born, which promptly began to breathe fire and has been hiding under my desk ever since.*

This was pretty easy to finish in a couple hours, and I am no expert when it comes to sewing. Plus, if you own a sewing machine, this is an entirely free project.
This is my first instructable of ever, so I appreciate any comments and suggestions. If any of you make one of these it would be awesome to see your results! 

*Some of these statements may be questionable.

Step 1: Materials

To make your very own, you will need:

Fabric. - I used 2 shirts, but any type of fabric you have lying around and want against your neck works.
A sewing machine, unless you want this project to take a very long time.
A straight edge
Ruler/measuring tape/measuring device

Construction can range from simple to nerdy, depending on how exact you want your measurements to be. For more exact measurements, a protractor and calculator would be useful as well.
Fantastic! This is probably the coolest scarf I've ever seen
Thankye very much!

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