video Twisting and jumping paper toy.
bobo03137 years ago
put how many pages you put at a time
i think its 4 the 1st time then you alternate with two
kaloni13 years ago
It's really nice to make I'm going to keep mine forever
craftaddict5 years ago
I just love to make crazy stuff like this,LOL! I'm going to try it.
meep22126 years ago
how many pages do you use to do this?
You need 26 squares of paper. The length and width do not matter as long as the pieces are the same size.
peach_fart? That's something i never heard before!
S51146 years ago
how many pages do you staple?
cdjones6 years ago
I can't figure out what pages are being stappled to allow it to bounce. Thanks
pyrocreater6 years ago
do it with post it notes
ldhenson6 years ago
When it got to the end, my jaw fell open...this is amazing. I cannot wait to try it.
dan XD6 years ago
wow thtas cool now i dont have to buy slinkys!
NJH7 years ago
OMG!! XD That's so useless!! XD I loved it!! I'll make one as soon as I can get my hands on the clipper at work :P
Flumpkins7 years ago
Looks almost like origami fireworks
that is crazzzy awesome
Braeburn7 years ago
I have seen a triangular one with the purpose of making it into a twisting ring of fireworks
Bradart7 years ago
a paper slinky! simply ballin...just plain ballin.
Two words golics.