Twisty the Clown tribute.
my wife created my costume from.scratch. She cut a piece of latex for the mouth mask. She painted it and used press on nails for the teeth. An old mask was used for the top head part. She created the upper clown suit and trim herself using a hot glue gun .

Step 1: The Start

cut the top.off old mask for blad cap head part.

Step 2:

create.the lower mask by cutting a piece of latex in a smile shape and use face paints to add color. Use spirit gum to glue teethe on and paint to desired color.

Step 3:

paint face white and fit the bald cap.

Step 4:

hot glue gun elastic trim.to collar material and sew clown buttoms to the shirt.

Step 5:

hot glue gun fake.hair pieces and dye them to.desired color.
we applied liwuid latex to.the hair and then addd the color.
<p>Ooo very nicely done, definitely a large creep factor, hope you were good on halloween night.</p>

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