This instructable will show you how to make a 3D Map of Twitter data for the state of Colorado, but you'll be able to recreate it for any area that you wish.

This map is made out of multiple laser-cut layers of basswood and uses LEDs and an Arduino board to display what kind of Twitter activity is coming out of various cities in Colorado. We can display if Tweets from a given city are happy, sad, depressed or angry. We even have a Bieber mode!

We made this for the Things That Think class Spring 2011 at CU Boulder. We're Paul Heider , Buck Heroux  and Ian Smith .

Step 1: Stuff You Need

1 Arduino Mega board
1 USB Cable
5 2x1 ft sheets of basswood (may need more, depending on the area you want to make)
Laser Cutter
Twitter Dev Account
Adobe Illustrator - or any other vector editing suite, although the steps for this instructable are written for Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop - same deal as with Illustrator
Topographical image of a state/region - I found mine with by searching 'Colorado Topographical Map' in Google Images
Wire Cutters
10 RGB common-cathode LEDs
Circular File
Masking tape
Soldering Iron
Wood Glue
10 4 pin connectors - to plug in your LEDS
<p>Help I need a vector file for a topographic map, and the link in the text isn't working. </p>
Hi JodyP16, sorry the link isn't working! The vector file might be on my old computer, so I'll check there sometime this week.<br><br>If you need a vector file faster than that, you might want to just make your own. I was able to make mine in a couple hours by tracing the levels on a map.
Thank You!
<p>Hey, here's the updated link: <a href="https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3lu9jVIssuPT1RkRXE3YmRvbUU" rel="nofollow">https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3lu9jVIssuPT1Rk...</a></p><p>Each line in the file corresponds to a layer of the map</p>
<p>great post! thanks :-)</p>
WOW You have blown my mind with this idea, I just joined the site, browsed around didn't click on projects properly, then saw this and I had to check it out.<br><br>It's a brilliant concept and what a way to use the open source Arduino stuff. <br><br>Cool idea, good job!
Where did you download the Topo of your state? Please list a link.
I found it through Google Image search. I just added a link to a zipped folder of my images/vector files on the 'getting the map ready for cutting' step.
You can also download free topo maps from the usgs.gov website. <br>Excellent project!
Wow, and they said CU students just ride bikes, rock climb, drink in excess and burn furniture! Way to go guys, really KOOL project!

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