This instructable will show you how I built "Twitch". Twitch is a virtual pet that is able to express itself through it's eye, movements, and the sounds it makes, which happens to be sound clips from some of its movies. It can be happy, sad, angry, or neutral depending on how much you interact with it.

Twitch evolved from a project I saw on the Adafruit site called Adafriend the Virtual Pet Cube by John Wall. The original project consisted of an Adafruit Pro Trinket, a LED Matrix and backpack with a 3d printed cube body among other things. I already had an Arduino Uno, and wasn't interested in getting it 3d printed so the project evolved from there.

I used much of the code from the original project, as I liked the animated eye and the different emotions it was able to portray. From there I added a pan/tilt base, capacitive touch sensor and an Adafruit Wave shield to give my pet the voice I was looking for.

In order to successfully complete this project, you should have decent soldering skills. It would be helpful if you have completed at least one Arduino project before, so that you have gotten through setting up the Arduino software and are able to upload sketches to it successfully. You should also have some experience with debugging code, as mine is far from perfect.

Step 1: Required Parts

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<p>He was able to turn off the TV if you ignored him? I think that little guy's attitude code needs adjustment. xD</p>
<p>Instalike! Your choice on materials and the big eye fits perfect together. I totaly like this little guy. It reminds me a little bit of an robot from the old movie &quot;Flight of the Navigator&quot;. Would be my favourite table gadget. :D</p><p>Some years ago i started to build an arduino based robot. It should also be able to show impressions (anger=red light, fast driving; scared=blue light, hiding under the couch etc..). After some research i found the kickstarter project &quot;lilltlerobotfriends&quot; and i planned to adapt their arduino code, which they offer for download. But i finished never the project.</p><p>Your instrcutable has motivated me to pursue the project further. Thank you!</p>
I remember that movie. You could make it speak a bunch of quotes from the movie. That would be cool. Let us know how it works out.

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