This instructable will show you how to make a Twitter scrolling picture frame.

You'll need:
1. #twatch ethernet LCD backpack and a 4*20 character LCD screen.
2. A picture frame that fits the LCD. Ours is 7.5cm by 11cm (3in x 4.5in).
3. A piece of plastic sheet, but foam core might work too.
4. Tools: cutting blade, screw driver, maybe some screws.

Seeed Studio has a few assembled #twatch ethernet LCD packpacks for $45, including worldwide shipping. Get them while they last because we won't make more soon. If you missed this project, sign up here to be notified of future preorders.

Step 1: Cut a Holder to Fit the Frame

We need something that will support the LCD screen and hold it in the frame. We used a ridigid piece of black plastic, but foam core might work too.

Use the existing picture backing to mark the material. Cut out a replacement using a cutting blade. The edges don't need to be neat because the frame will cover them.

Center the LCD on the material and mark the location where the pin header should go through and mate with the #twatch PCB. Cut out a small strip, cut carefully so that the LCD screen is held securely in the center of the frame.

Mate the LCD to the #twatch through the hole. Put the electronics/backing sandwich into the picture frame.

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