Picture of Twittering office toilet
The twittering office toilet tweets the times and types of use of the toilet in the office. Want to know too much about the habits of your coworkers and share it with the internets? Here you go.

Many thanks to randofo and his twittering office chair from which some, or almost all, of this was based.

Or if you just want to see the tweets, go here:

OfficeToilet twitter feed

note: this is for April Fools Day. After that, moving on from toilets!
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Step 1: What's to report?

So what can be tweeted from a toilet? There's the flush, but that's been done before and it only tells you that someone went to the loo. Big whup.

The other information that we can get is from the toilet paper usage. Available data from here is the # of times it was used in a session and the total # of squares used in a session. From this we can get a pretty good idea of what happened.

All right, so how to get the data? Magnets, baby.

Step 2: A certain attraction

Picture of A certain attraction
 By placing a magnet inside the toilet paper roll and a reed switch inside the toilet paper holder we can count the number of revolutions of the toilet paper roll. 

Less and less toilet paper is on the roll after each turn so the # of squares of toilet paper that each revolution represents will go down in increments. On our rolls of toilet paper there are 3.4 squares in a revolution in the beginning and 1.5 at the end. There are about 200 revolutions in the rolls. A simple bit of math and we have a good idea for how many are on each revolution.

r2 = new rotation count
r1 = previous rotation count

so, squares used in current session = (3.4 - r2 * .00475) * r2 - (3.4 - r1 * .00475) * r1

brainbow_kid7 months ago
This is hilarious!
cfcubed4 years ago
On this table vertically is the number of toilet paper squares used but what are the numbers horizontally?
It is the number of times some one got a peice of tp (wipes)
teamcoltra4 years ago
 I would actually be very interested in seeing the python code, and such.

what I want to do, is re-code the twitter part, to Google Voice-- and change it from detecting the toilet use, to my door.  This way when someone enters my house, I get a text message. 

Possibly use it to detect knocks / doorbell usage as well.
Biggsy5 years ago
Hehehe, very funny... well done
lemonie5 years ago
If toilets are your thing, I've got a toilet-humour topic you'd be welcome to contribute to.