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Introduction: Two by Four Tower Yard Game

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    I would be tempted to add disclaimers printed on them.

    "This is not a weapon"

    "2X4 don't hurt people, people hurt people."

    "Being a sore looser does not help your Facebook image."

    "I told you it wasn't this one."

    "If you throw it you have to fetch it"

    Beware of earthquakes.

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    My DIY experience is that 2 x 4 pieces sand much quicker before cutting into the shorter pieces. After cutting the sanded 2 x 4's to length, you have to go back and finish the ends, but there really isn't any extra sanding than what you do otherwise.

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    I am going to have to try that for the next set. My little cousin wants a set for her patio parties.

    The wax finish is a great idea! I'm sure that it makes it much easier to play.

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    Thanks, I was originally just going to sand them and call em done. But there was just too much friction to get them to play correctly the paste wax seemed to be the perfect solution. Now the blocks slide like I did when I was a wee younging down the hallway in my socks.

    Nice! I've got a huge pile of 2x4 off-cuts from my latest project, and this would be an excellent way to use them up.

    Brilliant idea, thank you!

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    Thank you sir. My son loves Jenga and I saw a set tailgating so I knew I had to make a set for our house.