First off sorry for the Hands, Fingers, and arm in the pictures. I made this Instructables because I couldn't find a one sides two color fishtail. I fumbled around and figured it out and thought I would put this out for everybody think the same thing. Enjoy. Chris R.

Step 1: Cow Hitch and Length

Adjust the cow hitch starting point in order to fit the wrist you are making it for. Sorry no images for this step. I got the idea to put this out there after making the beginning.
fishtail actually takes five cords
That appears to be more of an sawtooth braid rather than a fishtail. but none the less, the finished product looks good
What in the world is this? I don't think your steps line up with your pictures. <br> <br>I have no idea what you did, other than you have a 2 color paracord bracelet at the end. And where is the Carolina blue at? That looks white in your pictures. <br> <br>Constructive comment: You should be able to follow the steps in your instructable to recreate what you did. I like the look of it in the end, but I have no idea what you did at any point in the process.
That looks like a white/silver to me...
End result looks like teeth and gums :)
Once I get some longer cord I'm going to make a detailed how to from start to finish showing it all. The next one I want to make a little wider so I will use four base strands instead of two.
Sorry about that! With the blue on the left and the red on the right you would bring the blue center strand under and then over from the right to left on the top of the red strand. Bring the blue over your left base strand then your red over the right base strand. Placing twisted strands back in the middle from underneath the base strands then repeat that process. Hope that helps @halhashimi
You are not very clear about how to twist each one:(

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