Picture of Two Color Ombre Shorts
Learn how to make your very own pair of two color ombre shorts!
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Step 1:

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Shorts (or shirt, or pants, or pants, or skirt, or whatever else you want to dye)

Dye (I used this, but any type of dye suitable for tie dying will work just fine. You can generally find the Tulip kits and individual dyes in craft stores and some big box retailers.)

Plastic wrap

Gloves (optional)

Special note about dyes: Rit Dye is popular, but I would not recommend it for this particular tutorial, or any tie dying in general.  I learned this the hard way. If you do choose to use it you must follow the package instructions versus my instructions here.

Here are the shorts I am transforming. You want to start with something white, or very light in color for best results.

Step 2:

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Step 1: Cover your work surface in plastic wrap. Be sure to overlap the pieces of plastic wrap so the dye can’t seep through.

Step 3:

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Step 2: Prepare your dye and garment to be dyed according to package instructions. This typically involves adding water to the dye and submerging the garment in water.

Step 3: Lay your shorts out on the plastic wrap and begin applying the dye. The colors and placement are up to you. I wanted mine to fade from yellow to pink, and I wanted the pink covering most of the bottom since I don’t do so well with light colored clothing, so I covered the top 1/3 of my shorts with the yellow dye. To make sure both sides are fully saturated you’ll have to flip them over.

Step 4:

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Step 4: Saturate the bottom 1/3 with the second dye, in my case, hot pink.

Step 5:

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Step 5: Wrap the shorts up in plastic wrap carefully, so no dye can seep out, and be careful not to get any dark dye on the light parts.
eliana0131 month ago

lindo color

tiedyedshop2 years ago
Nice work and color matching. I like the horizontal look. the Tie Dyed Shop
bijoulu2 years ago
Tazzy473 years ago
So cute! I was thinking at the beginning of the summer i wanted to tye dye a pair of shorts this year, but had no idea how to do it. Thanks for this!!
rrkrose3 years ago
These are so cute! Where did you get those shorts? I love them!
Ditto! Awesome color choice!
I love the colors - so pretty. :D