Last Christmas I promised a couple of my friends I would make them Dark Knight costumes for Halloween.  It seemed like a long time away but I ended up needing every minute of it. 

This is my first time ever sculpting and making molds. I hope I can offer some insight on the process.  First tip : It is going to take you WAY longer that you think.

This could litterally have hundreds of steps so I am going to show you the things that have to be made.  Each piece could be a separate intructable. If you have any questions on any one step just ask.

I am going to organize the steps in order for them to make sense but I was sort of making all these things at the same time.

What you need:
Lots of space
Oil based clay (I used about ten pounds of Monster makers clay and 10 pounds Chevont clay plastiline)
Sculpting tools
150lbs Ultra cal
5 gallons Black liquid latex (about 2.5 Gallons per suit)
Loctite Professional Super glue (dont even try with any other super glue)
5 yards Black Mesh (for the mesh undersuit)
5 yards black Velvet (Jo-anns)
longs sleeve black compression shirt and pants (for the screen printed undersuit)
Screen Printing tools (optional)
Duct tape Maniquin
Black gloves
Three Rubies adult Dark knight belts
sprayable Plastidip 
Gotham 100 boots
Purchased screen accurate Cowl
a very supportive and patient wife.

Step 1: Under Suit

I made two different undesuits. One is mesh and is more screen accurate. The other is screen printed compression gear and is more comfortable.

I had no experience in sewing so I looked to a family friend to help.  Basically a full body mesh undersuit has to be made and all the armor is going to be glued to it.  We used a pattern from a womens jumpsuit. 

The under suit has to be skin tight.  Since the material has give but no stretch it basically had to be sewn on him.  This is the way to go if you have the skills to do so.  We added spandex in the crotch and waistline in order to give it stretch where it needed to be.

The other option is to just use compression shirt and pants as the undersuit.  Luckily for me I own a screen printing press so I was able to add the pattern to the shirt and pants.
HI would you ever sell the under suit I think it would fit with the nightwing ismahawk suit
<p>That's exactly what I was thinking!</p>
<p>OMG... this look so real.</p>
Honestly I love this but I would never have the money to do this. How much would you ask for (money wise) make this for someone? I would buy one if you would make one.
I'm planning on doing a Deathstroke-Deadpool armor
U should do the Arkham Origins Batman
Thought about it but I think I am going in a different direction next...maybe Predator...maybe barney and babybop.
I'm batman
Awesome! Now some gadgets. Batarangs probably could be made out of scrap steel cans, painted black. A smoke pellets with potassium nitrate and something to make as small explosion.
Like this. It actually works. We threw it at this supervillian pumpkin from about 15 feet away!!
AWESOME!!! Great Job!
is the wife required?
Not required but if one comes standard in your life then she better be patient.
duely noted
Beautiful, have you considered working in movie special effects? You have talent.
thank you so much. That would be a dream of mine but it is just a hobby.
Lol!<br>Batman in McDonalds<br>Awesome
Dude! That's the best suit I've seen some one make. Nice job.
It's great to hear all this positive feedback. Thanks for the compliment!
i hjope u were wearing safety gear an thelike when u are working with plaster.
Always. I have a respirator and gloves
That is a really great Batman suit!
thank you so much. I had a great time making it. I hope this helps someone else!
Amazing best batman costume yet! Just one question how much does this cost?
I would have a hard time putting a total price on it all because I had to buy all the clay and make molds but each suit is supplies are probably around $150-$200. The molds and clay and such are reusable so thats hard to say...but a fair amount.
Thanks for the encouraging words.
Woah awesome costume you should enter it in the Halloween costume contest i would totally vote for it!
I am in the contest now. Please share and vote for me! thanks.
Thank you and I have. I am just waiting on approval. I will let you know when its posted so you can vote!!

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