Two Faced Horse





Introduction: Two Faced Horse

This is the second life size horse head that I have created.  I went to a stable and took exact measurements of both the head and neck of a particular horse.  Instead of creating a heavy wood armature I opted for the much lighter foam.  I cut out the dimensions I needed on a band saw and then glued multiple layers of foam together to create a large block.  From this point I painstakingly shaved the shape of the horse ( I think I still have blue foam in my lungs).  After the shape was accurate to the measurements I was then able to adhere what I needed to the foam.  I chose to do one side of the head and neck to look as though it were an actual horse...for the other side I wanted to create the effect that the skin was peeling away to expose the muscle and bone underneath.  The life-like side was wrapped with black cowhide and the mane was created with human hair (from Sally's Beauty Supply).  The other side Is a combination of beef jerky, prosciutto, wax, leather, plaster, and paint.  I also chose a photograph of a sleeping lamb to put inside the glass eye (I've included a detail shot).  So if you are into taxidermy but not killing animals...(that statement might be an oxymoron)...this is a way to get that "trophy" piece on your wall. 



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    Don't judge me I'm only 8!!!

    Yeah? Taxidermy without killing animals? Where do you think the cow hide came from?

    If you object to hunting animals for use in taxidermy, you could always pick up and clean road kill - you might not be able to to some animals (like this horse), nor would you always be able to have a complete carcass. Now for animals like the horse, you could see if any one (like local farms) had a horse pass away...

    I enjoy both horses you have put up. Reminds me of Francis Bacon, keep it up!

    i really like this i like your take on art and how you distort it into something odd