Two Image Sliding Card





Introduction: Two Image Sliding Card

In this Instructable I am going to show you how to make a card, that can display two different images. You will be able to use your own pictures or drawings in order to customize it.

My mum loves getting Christmas cards, so I made her on with this sliding mechanism a few years ago (it is still standing on her desk). After stumbling over the files on my computer, I figured I could alter it and send it to the instructable team to thank them for all the awesome prizes I've won in the contests.

Step 1: What You Need and Templates

Stuff you need:

  • Printer
  • Thick paper (I used 160 g/qm)
  • Scissors
  • Metal ruler
  • Box-cutter


You can download the templates from this step. In order to open and edit them you will need inkscape.

Step 2: Preparation

You will have to start by editing the inkscape files. Open template1.svg, in it you can change the images, that will later be displayed. Press ctrl+i to import an image. It should be 8x10 cm you can either scale it beforehand or in inksape.

You will need both of your images twice, so copy and paste them. Next press shift+ctrl+a to align your image, by first selecting your image and then the according image in the template (make sure it says "Last selected" under "Relative to"). Select "Center on vertical axis" and "Center on horizontal axis". Then send your image to the back by hitting "end" on your keyboard and delete the robot picture.
Do so with all of he images.The one on the top will be the one seen first.

Print all the files from the templates and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Top Image

Cut the image out, as shown in the first picture. Remember to cut the slots (red lines) into the the thing laying on the left of the first image. Then fold it along the blue dotted lines.

Place the slides into the slots and glue them to the back. Enlarge the third image to see where to glue the last piece. Afterwards glue the flap on the back close.

Step 4: Back Image

Cut the background image out as shown in the first picture and glue them on top of each other, by putting glue on one of the images as shown in the first picture (click on the image to see the annotations). Make sure that the image is aligned right.

Carefully push all the rounded corners to the back, as shown in the third image.

Step 5: Assembly

Carefully push the two images together. This is a bit tricky, because every slide of the front image has to be placed underneath the back image and pushed upwards.

Now cut out the remaining pieces and glue the card to the cover as shown in the third picture. Attach the remaining piece as shown in the fourth picture.

The last thing you will have to do is to use tape to glue the cover shut and glue it onto the card.



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    Hi there! is there any way you could re-upload the link to zipfile version of the template for mac? none of the other links work on mac and the zip link from previous comment reply is not working anymore :/ sorry about the trouble!

    hullo! any chance that you still have the templates for the sliding card? thank you!

    Thanks, I didn't realise that the download link stopped working I reuploaded it to step 1. Have fun!

    Fantastic IBLE, i made one last night then i thought it would work great as a photo frame, so i took 3 pieces of thin wood cut slightly larger than the card and all 3 the section for the pull out part cut into it, the first layer was solid for the back, second one that gets glued to the back i had cut out the exact size of the card, so now with the card embedded in this i glued the 3rd layer on top, this one was cut with a small window that you can only see the photo..... works amazing... so thanks for the idea

    Wow, great idea. Any chance that you could share a picture?

    Will definitely take a pic tonight and upload, in the meantime i have created a template that you may use.

    wooden frame.png

    Wow, those are a work of art!! Amazing! Thanks a lot for posting

    Hi, is there any other ways to open the template as I couldn't get my Winrar to work for my Mac. Could you perhaps please upload another template just for Mac? Thank You :)