Two Ingredient Frozen Delight




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Introduction: Two Ingredient Frozen Delight

It is a healthy frozen fruity delight made of mangoes and banana. Completely vegan and delicious.

Step 1: Collect Your Ingredients

1 and a half banana (sliced and frozen), pulp of one mango (Quantity can be adjusted), a few pieces of mango for later.

Step 2: Preparation

Add frozen banana and mango pulp in a mixer and blitz. Fill them up in desired moulds along with mango pieces and chill in your freezer.

Step 3: Ready to Relish

Place the moulds under tap water and unmould. Enjoy your frozen fruity delight.



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    I will be trying this very soon, but not with mango, I'll use peach instead

    My family does a similar thing. We use the pulp leftover from our juicer and freeze it to make pulpcicles.

    Popsicle sticks would be a good addition to be able to pick up and eat.

    1 reply

    Yes, definitely! That would be the best option to go with if available. Banana gives it a little creamy texture. Therefore, it is easy to dig in with a spoon and relish it too. :)

    how do you eat this exactly? like seriously seems pretty impractical