LED Flasher


Introduction: LED Flasher


Place:Banjarapalya E4D maker space.


1.2N3904 transistors x2

2.10µf caps x2

3.Red LEDs x2

4.470Ω resistors x2

5.100kΩ resistors x2

6.Assorted jumpers

7.A breadboard

8.9V battery

9.9V battery clip

Step 1: the Schematic Diagram.

Follow the schematic diagram for this circuit.

Step 2: Insert the Transistors and Resistors.

Fix the 2 transistors in your .Then insert the wire to the transistor to the breadboard negative side.

connect the 2 100kΩ resister to the breadboard as shown in the image.

Then you connect the 2 470Ω resister to the breadboard as shown in the image.

Step 3: Insert the Capacitor.

Insert the 2 capacitors as shown in the picture. Put the negative side of the caps on a free rail on the breadboard.

Step 4:

Fix the jumper wire and LED as shown in the image.

Step 5: Connect the Battery.

Last and finally connect the battery to the breadboard.as shown in the image.

Step 6: You Can Put Both Side

You can put both side LEDs.and you can put straw upon the LEDs.it look like nice.



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