For those of you who have spent the better part of a day shoveling, you will know how utterly exhausting it can be. This is a way to get those big digging projects done without a single back ache or blister: the two-man shovel.

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Step 1: Putting It Together

You take an ordinary shovel, a rope and, if you want, a stick or similar handle.

- Cut a piece of rope about the length of your leg.
- Attach one end of the rope near the head of the shovel.
- Make a loop at the other end of the rope, and another loop a few inches from the end one. Or wrap the rope  around the center of a stick, if you would rather have a handle.

And that's it for the construction part of the project.
A cool idea. I've also found that if you can stand the teasing (if you are a man), using a smaller shovel (sometimes called a lady's spade in old hardware stores) makes a huge difference. I can dig most of the day with the smaller instrument but only an hour or two with a full size shovel. You almost can't believe how much material you can move. If the slightly thinner handle breaks, mount a full size one and it will last forever. Also makes a reasonable walking stick and "snake repellant". Cheers!!
Good idea.

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