Two-Pronged Hunting Spear





Introduction: Two-Pronged Hunting Spear

In this Instructable, I am going to show you how to make a two-pronged hunting spear. This type of spear can be used for all sorts of smaller game, but is best for small aquatic animals such as frogs and fish.

Step 1: Materials-

The material you will need:

- knife

- cord or thick string, such as paracord

- long straight stick. (This can be as long as you want, I like around a 6 foot range)

- a few twigs cut to 1-2 inch lengths

Step 2:

Shave the larger end of the stick down to a chisel shape and then split the end with your knife.

Step 3:

Tie a piece of cord as tight as you possibly can around and around the stick directly below the split to prevent it from splitting further.

Step 4:

Horizontally jam the small twig into the slit to keep the two sides from coming back together. Them sharpen the two points.

Step 5:

Tie more cord as tightly as you can on both sides of the twig and since I used paracord, I burned the ends. Find a source of animals and Happy Hunting!



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    be VEWY VEWY quiet! i'm hunting terrorists!

    I love the instructable even if anybody says it should be banned.

    Erchan their is a be nice policy, so I wouldn't be saying that you should have weapons banned, they are needed, If the police had no weapons, would you be scared of them, or let them arrest you

    Weapons are life, life revolves around weapons

    This is so cool! It could work without the split too! just sharpen the tip to a point and maybe wrap something like paracord around a certain area for a spear holding spot

    Very simple, extremely easy to make, relatively aesthetic, crafty in use. That's all it takes to win my heart.

    i made it and cant wait togo in my creek and get