In this Instructable, I am going to show you how to make a two-pronged hunting spear. This type of spear can be used for all sorts of smaller game, but is best for small aquatic animals such as frogs and fish.

Step 1: Materials-

The material you will need:

- knife

- cord or thick string, such as paracord

- long straight stick. (This can be as long as you want, I like around a 6 foot range)

- a few twigs cut to 1-2 inch lengths

Step 2:

Shave the larger end of the stick down to a chisel shape and then split the end with your knife.

Step 3:

Tie a piece of cord as tight as you possibly can around and around the stick directly below the split to prevent it from splitting further.

Step 4:

Horizontally jam the small twig into the slit to keep the two sides from coming back together. Them sharpen the two points.

Step 5:

Tie more cord as tightly as you can on both sides of the twig and since I used paracord, I burned the ends. Find a source of animals and Happy Hunting!
<p>I love that too</p>
<p>I love the instructable even if anybody says it should be banned.</p>
<p>Erchan their is a be nice policy, so I wouldn't be saying that you should have weapons banned, they are needed, If the police had no weapons, would you be scared of them, or let them arrest you</p><p>Weapons are life, life revolves around weapons</p>
<p>This is so cool! It could work without the split too! just sharpen the tip to a point and maybe wrap something like paracord around a certain area for a spear holding spot</p>
<p>Very simple, extremely easy to make, relatively aesthetic, crafty in use. That's all it takes to win my heart.</p>
<p>i made it and cant wait togo in my creek and get </p>
<p>Remember, killing animals is not a game!<br></p><p>Rappelle-toi, tuer des animaux n'est pas un jeu !</p>
<p>Exactly. Not for &quot;sport&quot;, only for practical reasons.</p>
<p>I'm almost out of branches from my felled tree, but this looks like a good project.</p>
<p>be VEWY VEWY quiet! i'm hunting terrorists!</p>
you mean &quot;tewwowists&quot;
<p>Cool Spear, might build it, if i'm losing my fishing rod :P</p><p>Could be cool to build one similar to this with some flexible wood. I'm guessing it's some kind of bone material they used here. Used by Inuits in Greenland :)</p>
<p>May I make a suggestion; if you 'heat treat' the two prongs then they could be &quot;hardened&quot; and resist breakage when using the device for hunting!</p>
<p>Best to do this with a hard wood, it resists burning and resins in the word harden in the fibers.</p><p>Your pole can also be thinner and lighter allowing for better throwing speeds.</p><p>Aboriginal tribes have been doing it for 1000's of years.</p>
<p>nice !</p>
<p>great... got my vote....</p>
<p>Most Useful! Would fire-hardening the tips make it more better? Perhaps after cutting them sharp, but before adding the twigs and string?</p>
Be sure to heat the points in a fire to harden them, otherwise you'll be resharpening them a lot.
<p>Nice looking spear!</p><p>Just remember: you kill it, you eat it.</p>
Thank you very much I should've put that in my instructable. I am a huge advocate of only kill to eat. <br>
<p>I make these all the time, but not for hunting. They are awesome as sticks for grilling sausages over the fire. You can generally skip securing it with rope too. A four pronged one can be used to roast bread one side at a time.</p>
Can also do a 4 prong by splitting it the other way too! Great instructable! I voted!
<p>im gonna make it on my next camping trip</p>
<p>This could be a great prop to enter in the Halloween prop contest! I think my boyfriend will want to make these for his bug out bag. :) https://www.instructables.com/contest/halloween2014props/</p>

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