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Today I came with two very simple games, designed for my little daughter.
Of course they are a lot boring for me, but funny for my girl. They has no strategy, only random.
They are intended to force the very little children to count, search matchings and apply a little logic and also serve as an introduction for more complex games.
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Step 1: Resources

Picture of Resources
Peces Recursos.JPG
Bichos Recursos.JPG
Months before my daughter's birth, I purchased LOTS of thing for her... and LOTS of thing for make games for her:
14mm Dices, 14mm Ludo tokens and LOTS of sheets with 11 mm round stickers with several pictures on them, all of it in 1€ stores.

I used for the first game
-   48 Fish stickers
-   2 Dices
-   36 Ludo blue tokens

and for the second:
-    90 Bug stickers
-    10 Frog stickers
-    7 Dices
-    59 Ludo red rokens

I used two eggs from some kind of toy-machine as case, you can use whatever you want or can.

Step 2: The Fish Game

Picture of The Fish Game
Peces Recursos.JPG

I took 12 sets of 4 same-fish sticker (the rest will be used in other games later).
Then I put three of them in three tokens and the fourth in a face of a dice. An so on. Easy.

dasher1247 days ago


Love this instructable. Thanks for sharing buddy!

bob the builder games
copilarim3 years ago
Great games!!! I love your creativity!
A couple of nice games, very creative and well documented. Your instructions read a little clumsily in places but I think English is not your first language, not to worry, it's not too hard to grasp your intent. Thank you for sharing your project, and I look forward to more strategic games. Keep having fun.