Two Stage Water Rocket Parachute Recovery System

Picture of Two Stage Water Rocket Parachute Recovery System
Part 1b - Servo motor.JPG
Part 2a - Cutting bottles.JPG
Part 2b - Curling bottles.JPG
Part 3a - Nosecone.JPG
Part 4a - Bulkheads.JPG
Part 5a - Double Decker.JPG
Part 6a - The Base.JPG
Part 7a - Superstructure.JPG
Part 8 - Staging.JPG
Part 9a - Parachutes.JPG
Part 10a - Pressure Vessel.JPG
Part 11a - Mounting Electronics.JPG
Part 15a - Testing Electronics.JPG
Part 16a - Door Suspenders.JPG
Part 17a - Final Assembly.JPG
Part 20 - Launch.JPG
This series shows the construction of a two stage parachute recovery system for water bottle rockets.  Visit my YouTube page for the complete 20 video step-by-step guide on the contruction, testing & launching of this syetm.