Two Stroke Engine HACK to a Powerful Steam Engine





Introduction: Two Stroke Engine HACK to a Powerful Steam Engine

This illustrates the simplicity of converting any gasoline engine into a near perfectly machined Green Steam engine from scrap weed eaters or chain saws. Even old lawn mowers will work. I am considering an air powered tractor from a deep sea diving tank:-) Regulator to reduce 3200 psi to about 250.

Jun 26, 2009 05:46 PM



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    How about corrosion in this thing? Seriously want to build this but i am afraid corrosion would make the engine stop rather quickly.

    I'd probably just make some kind of oil system.

    Try to find some 2 stroke aluminium engines, compressor have those with Teflon ring. They should work fine and the cylinder wouldn't rust as fast.

    If you have access to a machine shop and metal, machining one in stainless steel would solve the corrosion problem, as for the bearing, that another problem.

    4 stroke engine would have way less problem with bearing deterioration as long as the oil pan is ventilated and the engine is well lubricated.

    how did you screw in the pipe to the spark plug hole? spark plug thread is different than pipe thread. i'm just drilling out a spark plug the brazing it to a pipe and it seems to work fine.

    You mention using a check valve instead of a solenoid. How would you do this?
    Great instructable by the way I'm loving it

    i hope this helps:

    Fantastic! I see now, very clever. Thank you!

    Wood is a totally carbon neutral fuel source. It's about as green as it gets as long as it's responsibly sourced (i.e. fallen limbs, sick trees, etc.)

    you could use a engine that doesn't even run at all and make it run on air

    What is your (proposed) source of Greenpower-gas for this?
    And why isn't this balanced when it looks like you tried adding a balancing-weight... that's your reed-switch-magnet isn't it?