Step 3: "Making Your Fabric"

Step 1 - Stretch out your skirt fabrics (iron if necessary) with selvages on your right and left sides, right sides together. This will give us the lengthwise grain to line our pattern on.

Step 2- Cut the selvages off the right side of the skirt fabric. (no need to cut these on the lining fabric)

Step 3- Place you pattern on the fabric so the side that says "place on fold or center fold" is lined up on the right side. This will eventually be the middle of the skirt.

Step 4- On the left side, measure about 10 inches out from the furthest point of the patter and mark. This does not have to be  perfect.

Step 5- Cut off the extra fabric from the left side. You will use this later for the waistband.

Tip***Completely open, my new piece measures about two yards wide by two yards long****

Step 6- Using a 3/8" seam allowance, sew the fabrics together, right sides together, down the entire length on the right side.

Step 7- Press this seam open.

You should now have a two yard, two-tone piece of fabric.