Picture of Two-Tone Quilt Binding
An Instructable for people who already know how to put a binding on a quilt, but want to mix it up a bit. Sometimes your quilt needs one color binding on the front and another on the back - this will take care of it for you! Shouldn't cost any more than a regular binding.

Step 1: Cutting your strips

Picture of Cutting your strips
Cut your binding strips as follows:

1" strip for the quilt top
2" strip for the quilt back

Join strips until they are long enough for all four sides of your quilt leaving an extra 12" for joining at the end.
starquilter4 years ago
Thank you for this , I saw it many years ago at my guild but forgot to get it written down. Excellent tute, except , I would of showed how to finish off the binding ends. Again, thank you very much.
artquilter6 years ago
How fun, and a nice way to end the problem of fabric not 'matching' the front and back.