Introduction: Two-Tone Spiderman Face Paint

Picture of Two-Tone Spiderman Face Paint

With this awesome two-tone Spiderman face paint, double the colors means double the superhero action!

Step 1: White Eye Sockets

Picture of White Eye Sockets

To start, I made two scooped droplets over the eye sockets with white paint

Step 2: Color on Both Sides

Picture of Color on Both Sides

Now, for the two-tone part of this classic face, I sponged on Lagoon Blue on the left side, and Beach Berry Red on the right side.

Step 3: Black Webbing

Picture of Black Webbing

Then, I started off the black webbing around the eyes and on the forehead, and then going down the cheekbones. Then, I continued on by making the actual webs all around the face.

Step 4: Finish With White

Picture of Finish With White

Then, to finish off, I went back to my white to add highlights on several areas on the web shapes.

Step 5: All Webbed Up

Picture of All Webbed Up

Now, you're ready to rope in your spider web to save the universe with this bright and colorful take on the classic Spiderman face!

Note: I used red and blue for this tutorial, but you can also use other colors as well! Try black and yellow, or orange and green!


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