Two-Tone Spiderman Face Paint


Introduction: Two-Tone Spiderman Face Paint

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With this awesome two-tone Spiderman face paint, double the colors means double the superhero action!

Step 1: White Eye Sockets

To start, I made two scooped droplets over the eye sockets with white paint

Step 2: Color on Both Sides

Now, for the two-tone part of this classic face, I sponged on Lagoon Blue on the left side, and Beach Berry Red on the right side.

Step 3: Black Webbing

Then, I started off the black webbing around the eyes and on the forehead, and then going down the cheekbones. Then, I continued on by making the actual webs all around the face.

Step 4: Finish With White

Then, to finish off, I went back to my white to add highlights on several areas on the web shapes.

Step 5: All Webbed Up

Now, you're ready to rope in your spider web to save the universe with this bright and colorful take on the classic Spiderman face!

Note: I used red and blue for this tutorial, but you can also use other colors as well! Try black and yellow, or orange and green!



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