Introduction: Two Tones Wooden Rattle

Here goes my first instructable... I like to build small wooden toys for the children and this one is really easy and garanteed to impress.

Step 1: Manufacture the Different Parts

The "moving box" and the vibrating blade are cutted into an old wooden crate (a thin one).

The gear wheel is carved into a limb section, choosen for its regular diameter. For the sharp teeth I used a japanese saw, and for the other a round rasp.

For the handle, I took a blackthorn stick, and reduced one end to a 8 mm diameter.

Step 2: Final Assembly

Slide the floor of the box on the handle. Then the gear wheel (with a drop of wood glue). Then slide the top of the box.

Fit the vibrating blades into the wheel, glue the box with wood glue and press...


Swansong (author)2017-06-15

That's neat, thanks for sharing :)

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Bio: I like to build wooden toys for children. And especially music toys...
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