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Introduction: Two Trees Knit Washcloth

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I'm going to go ahead and call this a washcloth because that was its original purpose, although when I finished I decided that what with the fancy design (my very first project using cables!) I didn't dare actually use it for anything. Yet, anyway.

The trees were knit on Susan Bates 14" knitting needles in US size 6 (4mm) with a medium/worsted weight white cotton yarn pulled from my stash (I think it was either Lion Cotton (link: or Lily Sugar n' Cream.) I was chomping at the bit to try a cabling project, but didn't have a cable needle or even a double-pointed needle. I used a large plastic tapestry needle instead. I wouldn't recommend it.

The pattern I used was an adaptation of the Tree of Life Sweater pattern at the Lion Brand Yarn website. To make the tree design a washcloth (or whatever) I used a garter stitch edging on the sides and alternated garter and stockinette stitch on the top and bottom.

I am toying with including the cloth (and maybe this poem) with a wedding gift for some friends who are getting married in April. For now, it is in limbo.

Edit: I ended up giving the washcloth to my newlywed friends as part of a bath stuff gift basket. They don't use it either, just keep it displayed in the bathroom of their home. I am honored.



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Je ne l'ai même pas downloder encore pas capable.

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My French is terrible, but I think you're saying the link doesn't work anymore. You have to create a profile on Lion Yarn's website, which is free, to get to the pattern. Sorry about not mentioning that!

I knitted this pattern from Lion Brand in chocolate colored cotton yarn.  it turned out great.  Now I am going to attempt to do the trees in brown, blue background and probably some green for the the trees to "root' up from.  This is a pattern you must pay attention to while knitting, but is fun to watch the trees emerging.

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Wowee! It was a huge challenge for me to get this pattern right in one color (and the slides don't show how many times I had to rip out stitches, hehe) - it would never have occurred to me to try more than one. Kudos!

where are the instructions to the "two trees" pattern, please? thank you! Nancy1948

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I actually took a pattern for the "Two Trees Sweater" on and isolated the tree design. I surrounded the design with alternating knit and purl stitches to make a border. You can get the pattern for free at if you register your info. There's a link to the sweater pattern in the slideshow text, it is: Tree of Life Sweater Pattern
Good luck.

Just so everyone knows, this pattern is not my own design. I just knitted a piece of a pattern that I am pretty sure was created by Nicky Epstein, a luminary in the world of knitting. (How geeky am I that I know that?) However, I am intrigued by this technique and hope to create some similar patterns of my own soon!

What a clever idea. I also love the poem.

I like that pattern! I have my eyes on the tree of life afghan to make for my mom for Christmas!

Nice. That looks really cool, how it sticks out and stuff. The pattern is great, I hope to see more cool stuff! +1 rating.

Thank you for your nice comments! Michele, good luck on your afghan. Three sets of trees! Wow! The pattern is hard, but fun.

I love this pattern. I bought the afghan pattern awhile back and I have only gotten past the first trees section. It is triple the intertwined trees across. Its a beautiful pattern however the blanket is very time consuming and alot of counting so I put it down for awhile but I do plan to finish it b/4 the year is out! You did a lovely job! I thought that the pattern would make a very nice wedding gift as well.

This is gorgeous! I love anything involving trees. :D