Normally you can only connect one WiiMote controller to a Mac. Here we describe how to connect two (or more!) WiiMotes to one Mac. This application is great if you want to create visuals using things like the Processing software program and control the visuals with two WiiMotes. Also great for single user, two controller usability tests. We created this in January, 2008.

Step 1: Download OSC version of DarwiinRemote

The first thing to do is download the OSC version of DarwiinRemote which you'll find on DarwiinRemote is a tiny software which reads data from and sends data to Nintendo Wii Remote (aka. Wiimote). OSC version of DarwiinRemote. There are a few versions available, so make sure you download the OSC version from Google Code.
This is great! Is there anyway to change the OSC receive port so you can send different feedback to the different WiiMotes?
it says "connected to WiiRemote" but I don't recive any data back from the controller, what can I do??
my remote doesnt connect, i dont see anything! what can i do?
take off the battery cover and press the sync button

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