Do you know the gloves that turn into mittens by pulling a cap over the fingers? They can be nice and warm but the problem is that there are only two options: cap or no cap. Also, they're sort of ugly (especially when the cap is off and dangling on your hand). Therefore, I came up with these double-layered gloves, where the second layer rolls up or down over your fingers.
You can roll the second layer all the way up to uncover your fingers, all the way down and over your fingertips to create mittens, or anywhere in between. I ended up using the gloves a lot with the extra layer folded back slightly to reveal my fingertips (as in the second picture). The fold creates some extra warmth just where you need it. And since I used stretchy fabric, the fabric keeps itself in place however far I roll it up or down.

Sewing these gloves requires some sewing experience. This is mainly because the fingers require quite a bit of precision. The pattern itself is not difficult: you'll just use your hand as a basis for the glove and create a cylinder out of a rectangle for the second layer. Both layers are made of fabric with some stretch (like jersey), and I thought it was a nice touch to use different colours and a ribbon that brings the two colours together.

In the following nine steps, I'll show you what materials you need, how to make the pattern and how to sew the gloves.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you'll need stretchy fabric, such as jersey, in two colors. In my case fabric #1 was blue, fabric #2 was green. My green fabric was a bit thinner and more stretchy than the blue, which made it perfect for the top layer. Adding the ribbon is optional, but it's a nice way to cover the stitches of sewing the two fabrics together.
So, here's your shopping list:
  • 50 cm of fabric #1 (jersey or some other stretch material)
  • 60 cm of fabric #2 (jersey or other stretch)
  • 50 cm of ribbon
  • thread
Wow! looks beautiful and warm!
thanks! :-)
Cool!! (Well actually they're warm..)
thanks! they are indeed (warm, that is)
I just love this design!

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