It is easy to learn and fast to make

Step 1: What You Need

- 2 colors of para cord 
- scissors or knife
- lighter
- ruler 

Step 2: Step 1

take a piece of para cord fold it in half  and try it on around your wrist  if it fits  add about an inch and tie off the end

Step 3: Step 2

measure how much of the bracelet you want  the para cord to cover.
-for every inch you want you will need a foot of para cord 

Step 4: Step 2

you will need to burn the para cord together to make it easier to weave 

Step 5: Step 3 (the Weave)

This weave is called the cobra weave and is  relay easy
after you do this weave do it again on the other side 

Step 6: Step 4

Step 7: Finished

Now it should look like this

Step 8:

leave Pictures in the comments of your bracelets
where can I get para cord
<p>You can get para cord at any Hobby Lobby, or Walmart</p>

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