I made a mod of this gun, making it a little bigger (first pic). Mostly theirs, but 'expanded' a bit.
And I made a Needler to go with it (second pic).
The plasma pistol and needler you can probably both build from the pictures, unless you don't have enough k'nex.  ;)
<p>where did you get the plasma pistol + awesome guns!!!!!!:)</p>
i would make the needler but i cant figure out the trigger system in the Needler
thes only one problem how the needles on top reach the barrel<br>
actually another problem too: when i run out of ammo, how would i regenerate more ammo
i like the mod, i made both of the guns too<br><br>Also in the first picture, is that the Laser/Lazer Tag Plasma Pistol
Yes it is. thanks for th comment. ^^
never mind. i figured it out
First, and BTW nice guns
Ha, thanks for not just writing 'first'. :)

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Bio: K'nex guns, TF2, and Valve games are what I like to build/play.
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