You are in the Airsoft field, frantically firing your bolt-action M1 rifle at approaching enemies. All of a sudden, you hear the flat THUNK of your gun dry-firing. Your magazine is empty! You quickly duck into cover and eject, reaching into your tactical vest for another magazine. By the time you finish opening the pocket, removing and orienting the magazine, loading it, and re-cocking your rifle, a BB snaps off your mask and you are out.

That used to happen to me a lot.

Don't you wish you had a faster way to change mags? Are you thinking of going and buying some hi-cap mags? Maybe you should try this first for a few dollars before you shell out big bucks for hi-cap mags.

For some reason, despite the cheapness and all-over noob appearance of the TSD M1 Airsoft rifle, I have used it for ever. I just like versatility, I guess, plus the fact that it is easily worked on and modified.

The only thing that annoys me is the fact that the 25 round magazines seem to take an eternity to change.

Using some Velcro tape and two minutes, here is how I made a faster reloading system that can be operated by feel, without even having to take your eyes away from the sights. Given a few minutes of practice, one can get the movements required memorized, enabling them to go from empty magazine to shooting again in just a few seconds.

Velcro tape is available in pretty much any hardware store, home center, or housewares store. It comes in a pack or roll, part hook-side, and part loop-side. I got my pack ages ago for $4.00 (US) at my local Ace hardware.

The pictures do an excellent job of explaining where to put the Velcro to make this system work.

The pictures also show the ordered steps involved in this reload process.
Happy shooting and be safe!

Update: Feel free to post pictures of how you have adapted this system to your guns!

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